Master's Degree Programs

The Graduate Division offers two-year programs in music leading to the Master's degree.   Curriculum flexibility and the predominance of individual and small-group instruction allow students to design study programs which are challenging, while taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the international faculty and cooperative atmosphere. Emphasis is laid on blending individual specialization with the development of total musicianship through ensemble work and interdisciplinary elective courses.

Master's degree programs are divided among four specializations (music theory, sacred music, vocal music, and instrumental music), each of which includes one or more areas of concentration, ten in all. A student beginning a Master's program is accepted for a specific area of concentration, which constitutes the major part of course work. The major subject of each area of concentration is complemented by several area research courses, offered in rotation. Together, these courses from the area of concentration make up 75% of the Master's program curriculum for each student, and elective courses the remaining 25%.