Doctoral Degree Programs

Doctoral degree programs at Elisabeth University are designed to provide opportunities for advanced artistic and scholarly development in any of the areas of music represented in the Master's degree programs. The basic characteristics of the Graduate Division as a whole -- flexibility, personalized instruction and interdisciplinary cooperation -- are maintained and further emphasized in doctoral programs. Admission to doctoral study is based on the candidate's potential for specialized, creative work in a particular area of music.

Candidates for the Doctoral degree must complete three years of study and research beyond the Master's level, and fulfill all requirements in one of three Research Areas: Theoretical Studies (musicology, composition, sacred music, music education), Vocal Music (including sacred vocal music), or Instrumental Music. Each doctoral student's research is pursued under individual direction, complemented by seminars and individual work in related subjects. All courses in the doctoral program are planned in relation to work in progress.

In special cases, the Graduate Division may consider a dissertation submitted without the normal course work. The Doctorate will be awarded only if the work submitted is judged to be of appropriatequality and importance and to represent the results of significant research or artistic achievement.