A Message from the President

Located in a safe and convenient district in the center of Hiroshima, the city of peace, Elisabeth Universityof Music is fully equipped with many facilities including a large concert hall with a pipe organ, a small concert hall ideally suited for chamber music and many rehearsal rooms.

One of the distinctive features of Elisabeth University of Music, as the first private music university in Japan to establish a doctorate program, is its comprehensive level of education. In compliance with the principles of a Jesuit catholic education, the school is run in an intimate manner with small classes allowing for close relationships with teachers. Our staff include internationally renowned performers and very accomplished teachers, most of whom have studied abroad. They are therefore more than able to understand the feelings and concerns of our foreign students.

Most of our foreign students are of a very high caliber with strong motivation and a keen desire to pursue their studies. Some have won domestic competitions and awards and many have graduated from our doctoral program.

It is my hope that on their return after studies at Elisabeth University of Music, foreign students will be able to enrich the musical culture of their countries through their musical activities. I believe that this deepening of their understanding of Japan will encourage mutual understanding between our various countries. In turn this will surely contribute to the growth of international peace.

For accomplished international students who have high academic objectives and a strong desire to study, the University has a scholarship system to help open doors for you.

Have courage and take the step,

I look forward to meeting you in Hiroshima!

President Yuji KAWANO