Educational Ideals of Elisabeth University of Music

The ultimate aim of university research is the overall formation of human society and, accordingly, the personal formation of each individual. Since the arts are important for personal development and expression, as well as for union among people so as to open a path toward union with God, this university places great emphasis on the formation of each individual through the arts, and especially through music.
Thus, through devoted guidance and research in the theory and practice of the musical arts, it aims at imparting broad knowledge and at forming musicians of good sense.

1. This university was established and rooted in the spirit of Catholicism, which serves as its guiding principle.
2. This university, faithful to the educational policy of the Society of Jesus, gives great importance to general education and foreign languages.
3. The educational cornerstone of this university is its close bond with each individual student in a familial atmosphere, based on the conviction that all people are brothers and sisters of one another.
4. A major characteristic of this university, not seen elsewhere, is guidance and research in Gregorian chant, polyphony, and contemporary religious music, in addition to the other usual musical genres.
5. This university enjoys the support of friendly international relations and has as its ultimate mission the fusion of traditional Japanese culture and Western civilization.
6. The ultimate educational ideal of this university is to arrive at a spirit of mystical contemplation through the musical arts.